Brendon in Italy

Brendon is currently in Umbria, Italy painting new works for his next show. He is very excited about his new approach to this new collection. He is working with the latest iPad Pro and Apple  Pencil to create these new works. Brendon in Umbria at Chiesa Pagano

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  1. Lizzie Scott

    Looking forward to seeing what wonders and delights Italy presents, and with exciting digital applications. My three months last year in remote village in Appenines, Tuscany – so simple and contemplative realising the world so small, and yet so large with digital connectivity. How to respond?
    Admired your Fairbridge Raffle hung proudly in Nanson Robb’s study. Proudly tutored him in your work, values and he has written about Fairbridge and his treasure for providential purposes. Always so generous Brendon. Godetevi Italia.

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