Listening to Paintings – Australia

Brendon’s “Listening to Paintings – Kakadu” exhibition sold out and a subsequent book, portfolio of prints and CD of the music has since been in continuous demand.

Following his exhibition in Sydney (July 1997), Brendon embarked on his new project, “Listening To Paintings- Australia”. As the name suggests, this endeavour was to take Brendon all over Australia in an attempt to describe it’s incredible variety with both paint and music. Although the project was interrupted for seven months with a major commission from Hamersley Iron Ltd (September – March ’99), Brendon finally visited the 10 locations and completed the project.

The project contemplated the following:

• Ten Major Paintings
• 11 Musical compositions, including the theme
• A presentation pack containing a CD, DVD and booklet of the images
• Exhibition with video and live music presentation which premiered in New York at the American Museum of Natural History in January 2007