I’ve spent the last three years painting the urban landscape, in the cities of New York, Sydney and Perth. This year, to find myself in the far North Kimberley was remarkable to say the least. There is nowhere less “urban” than the Kimberley and more specifically the Berkeley River. The only way in is by boat or seaplane. Perhaps I was still in city mode but in the upper Berkeley I couldn’t help but notice the way water had sculpted this landscape over millions of years. This has resulted in magnificent cathedral-like structures with a little Gaudi thrown in. I’d like to tell you that I trekked along the river and slept in caves, but in reality I was “camping” at the luxurious Berkeley River Lodge. Each afternoon I could sit on the deck (with a beer) and do a few small studies on the days observations. The next step was large representational paintings. This process involves close attention to the detail and nuance that make this region unique. In time, I arrive at a place where I can be more spontaneous, with semi-abstract works that I hope convey not just what I saw, but what I felt.

Brendon Darby

Linton & Kay Galleries
“River” opened at Linton and Kay Galleries in Subiaco, Western Australia in 2013.