"2018" iPad Project Trailer

2018 Everyday iPad Painting

Brendon made a New Year’s resolution to do a painting everyday of 2018 on his iPad Pro using the Procreate app. True to his word, he worked everyday, painting whatever caught his attention working over the previous day’s work to create an evolving digital artwork. Every stroke was captured to time-lapse video.

The full groundbreaking evolving digital film “2018” is now available for rent or subscription on Vimeo. To subscribe now for a one month free subscription, please click here.

The images from “2018” are also available as limited edition prints. 70x90cm (image size) printed on paper 85 x105cm. Printed on high quality acid free paper with archival inks. Editions of 20 only, hand signed and numbered. Unframed. $900.00 AU (including worldwide delivery).